Sa bertula

Thiesi Pro Loco: 10 years of history and activities.

The Thiesi Pro Loco association was founded to conserve and promote Thiesi’s history and rich cultural heritage through an archive of images, videos and research etc. Pro Loco’s archive can be likened to ‘Sa Bertula’ – a traditional Sardinian bag – because it is a container that holds and safeguards the town’s traditions for current and future generations.

The association aims to undertake or support initiatives that maintain and promote Thiesi’s culture, folklore, landscape, monuments and art, as well as encouraging tourism.

Since Pro Loco was founded in 2002, various activities have been organized. In some cases these have become annual events, such as the sausage festival and the carnival.  Impromptu film showings, a musical instrument exhibition, and a variety of other local events have also taken place.

One way the town’s folk culture is promoted is through a dance group that has been performing in piazzas all over Sardinia. In addition, the very important activities of ‘Su Consonu Tiesinu’ keeps Thiesi’s traditional poly-vocal singing alive. Pro Loco has been involved in a ‘Cantende sa Poesia’ (singing in poetry) gathering and has looked after the distribution of the Pro un’amigu CD.

As far as promoting Thiesi’s rich tradition of poetry is concerned, Pro Loco has looked after many initiatives, sometimes independently and sometimes in partnership with other organisations. The antologic edition of the G Cossu ‘Juannantoni Cossu, Chentu pesias’ poetries, is a fundamental element of the town’s culture.

Successful collaboration with the local administration over the years has allowed important activities to take place. Of particular significance, for its relevance to the local economy and huge public participation, is the Sardinian Cheeses exhibitions-market. This has been introduced at a regional level, for which the cheese manufacturers of Thiesi deserve acknowledgment and thanks.

In the last two years, traditional working activities have been promoted by the ‘Artes and Sabores de Tiesi’ event, which showcases arts, crafts and agricultural products of the past and present.

The association’s commitment to the research of both traditional costumes and weaving came together in two interesting and educational exhibitions: ‘Tunigas, Bestimentas e Galania’ (subject of the publication Aspetti dell’abbigliamento a Thiesi tra l’800 e il 900) and ‘Mustras de Linu e de Lana’.

Toponymy (the study of place names) related to the territorial jurisdiction of Thiesi was the subject of the ‘Tancas, cunzados e giassos’ photographic exhibition.

Considering the quantity and the quality of the work already carried out, and the continuing need for more to be done, Pro Loco is always available to collaborate with individuals and organisations interested in proposing initiatives, activities and ideas.  With the contribution and active participation of many, we are convinced that the association can expand and improve its work to promote the value of our town and its traditions.